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Friends #14 Epilogue - Summary (part 1)

Hi all!
It's been a while. Life is so busy :( I've just finished moving house, and now I already need to start to tour kindergartens for my baby boy's application in September - it's nuts! Really have so little time to do anything except the basics of life right now :( I promised a summary for Friends #14 and despite my good intentions I am only half done. I've been sitting on the file for a few months and I know some people are waiting on tenterhooks to find out what happens so I've decided to release what I've done so far, and come back to finish it (hopefully) soon.

As usual, this summary comes with the disclaimer that my knowledge of Japanese is LOL at best. Most of this is a VERY LOOSE interpretation of the text. The basic gist should be accurate, but the details etc are by no means 100%.

Again, I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to order your own copy of Prin's doujinishi from her website and/or follow her on Twitter for updates. I won't be uploading any pictures from the doujinshi because I want to support the artist and encourage you to purchase from her directly. This summary is available since the doujins are only available in Japanese and Chinese, and I know not everyone is able to read them. To reiterate: I highly recommend purchasing the books - they are cheap, easy to order, and come discretely wrapped. Plus the picture of Rukawa's "anguished face" on page x is SIMPLY PERFECT.

Without further ado - Friends #14 Epilogue Part 1/2

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Friends #14

The story starts with a scene we've seen before. Rukawa, in his university dorm room in America, picks up the phone.

“Rukawa?” the voice comes through the line. “It's Koshino from Ryonan. Do you know who I am?”

Rukawa tries to remember all the players on the Ryonan team but doesn't really know which one is Koshino. “Uhm...”

Then, Rukawa hears something surprising. “...huh?”

Koshino repeats himself, “Sendoh has disappeared! He's using a crutch so I think he can't have gone far. If he contacts you, please let me or the other team members know. Also, he's wearing a cast ???”

A bemused and confused Rukawa hears a noise behind him. With the phone still in his hand he turns and sees the door open and who should be strolling in but... Sendoh Akira.

Rukawa's mouth drops. Sendoh raises a hand in greeting “Yo!”

Through the phone, Koshino's disembodied voice still wafts, “Rukawa! Rukawa? Hey, Rukawa! Can you hear me?”

“Sendoh is... here...” Rukawa mumbles vaguely.


“Oh, is it for me?” Sendoh steps over and Rukawa hands him the phone.

“Your teammates,” Rukawa explains weakly.

“Moshi moshi~” Sendoh speaks into the handset casually.

“Are you serious!?” Koshino's loud voice blasts him in the ear. “Never, EVER, go off without telling anyone again! You were suddenly gone – everyone is worrying about you!”

“Sorry~ sorry~ When I get back I'll try to explain what I was thinking...”


“I'll be coming back next week...” Sendoh explains, “It'll be fine. Don't worry.”

“You’re so unreasonable! If your leg doesn't heal properly how are you going to survive!?”

“You're exaggerating Koshino. Anyway, this telephone bill is going to be huge so we'd better hang up now. Give everyone my best!”

“OI! Sendoh-!”

Rukawa gives Sendoh a look. “Everything is the same as usual, then.”

Sendoh laughs sheepishly. “Really? There's no way I expected to hear Koshino's voice as soon as I arrived here! I know he's noisy, but he's a good guy really.”

“I dislike that grinning face of yours.”

“Haha, your face is also the same as usual.” Sendoh pinches Rukawa's cheek. “Now we finally meet again after such a long time, so you should make a happy face.”

Rukawa swats Sendoh’s hand away.

“You came to visit me but you didn’t leave your contact phone number,” Sendoh points out. “After coming from the airport and everything.” He holds up the little key. “I wanted to use this... as soon as possible.”

Sendoh's look is sincere. “Thank you.”


Suddenly Rukawa moves forward and rests his head on Sendoh's shoulder.

“I wanted to be with you,” he says softly.

Sendoh smiles and cups Rukawa's cheek. “I wanted to be with you too.”

Gently, they kiss.


Later, on the palm-lined streets of California, they take a stroll together.

“The person who hit me with their car,” Sendoh is explaining, “came to visit me. I told them about how I had been on my way to give you your going away gift, so they offered to pay all the travel expenses for me to come and see you.”


“It’s lucky I got hit by such a rich person!”

Rukawa is silent. They continue walking.

“By the way…” Sendoh wonders aloud. “That day I had the accident, you came back from America. I am just wondering… how did you have enough money for it?”

“Borrowed it.” Rukawa replies shortly. “Do you remember that Sawakita guy?”

“Yeah,” Sendoh replies. “The one we met in the park.”

Rukawa mentally recalls how he called up Sawakita.

“Can you come to LAX right now?”

“Huh?” Sawakita replies. “I can but what's going on?”

“I want to go back to Japan. Lend me some money.”


Rukawa continues to explain. “I don't remember all the details. In any case, he came to the airport and lent it to me.”

Sendoh is rather bemused. “Wow. What a nice guy.”

They arrive at Sendoh's hotel room and Sendoh goes to the window overlooking the ocean and looks out with Rukawa beside him.

“The ocean looks so beautiful,” Sendoh comments. “I want to go and jump in..! Although, I guess I'd better just look this time.” He smiles. “Although the ocean in Shonan is similar, this place feels better. It's more spacious.”

“Yeah,” Rukawa agrees, also considering the view.

Sendoh sits himself down on the bed.

Rukawa turns to him. “Do you want to go sightseeing?”

“No, that's okay,” Sendoh replies. “This time the reason I came was just to see you...” his crutch is propped against the bed beside him. “...besides I shouldn't do too much walking.”

Rukawa sits casually beside him. “Your injury...” he begins. “...will it heal as well as before?”

“Yeah...” Sendoh answers, “although... I will need to do some rehabilitation, and to get back to normal will take about a year.”

Rukawa's eyes are sharp. “...one year.”

Sendoh smiles. “Just like you said before. This will close that one year gap between us. It's worked out just right.”

Rukawa's face turns dangerously stony. “That’s not funny.”

Sendoh leans back on his hands and laughs, oblivious to Rukawa's mood. “Hahaha, I guess this means I'm no use to you any more.”

Rukawa remains silent, and Sendoh realises he may have crossed a line. “Oh, come on, I didn't mean it!”

Sendoh looks closer and the expression on Rukawa's face is one of real anguish.

“I'm sorry...” Sendoh says rapidly, reaching out and squeezing Rukawa's cheeks with his hand and turning his face so they are nose to nose, “...don't make such a scary face.”

He leans forward so they can kiss. “I was wrong. You don't need to worry.” He pushes Rukawa back against the bed and follows him, covering him with his body.

“Hey,” Rukawa complains. “Don't be so reckless...”

“What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,” Sendoh replies. [note: Sendoh actually says “Even if you are hurt, as long as you can get through it, everything will be okay.”]


Some time later the two boys are dozing unclothed in bed together. Sendoh is awake, watching Rukawa's sleeping face. Finally Rukawa stirs and opens his eyes.

“What?” he asked, seeing Sendoh looking at him.

Sendoh smiles. “Seeing your face next to me in the morning... it's nice.”

“Yeah...” Rukawa agrees. “..someday it will be just like this.” He looks away. His expression is serious and thoughtful. “But right now, it's meaningless. We can meet at any time. You worry too much about us being apart. But to really be together is something we still have to become. That is simply the situation.”


That's all for now. Please await Part 2 of this summary for the final resolution to this magnificent story!

All the best,

(PS Yes, I know Dawn isn't finished. So sorry, so sorry...)
Hello senru fans :)
Just a quick note of reassurance that despite being away from the fandom for the past year I have obtained my copy of the DP Epilogue (Friends #14) and am already beavering away at my translation/summary.
I am going at a slow pace (I only have 15 mins a day!?) due to work, baby and studying, but I am as excited to read it as you are so I will have it done as soon as humanly possible.
All the best!
Star / Star7

Friends #13 - Summary

Friends #13 is now available to buy on Prin's Mail Order website! It is only available in Japanese and Chinese languages so I have written a (inaccurate) summary to help those who have purchased but are unable to understand. Please note that I don't know a lot of Japanese myself so this translation is VERY ROUGH.

Also note that I do NOT support the scanlation of this chapter and will NOT be uploading any pictures or scans of the pages.

I have tolerated Deep Purple scanlations in the past because the books were not available to buy in any way shape or form (I know - I hunted through every second hand doujinshi shop I could find every time I went to Japan in desperate hope). However, with Prin's current website fully serving not only the Japanese but the international community of fans there is absolutely no justification for a scanlation at this time.

If you aren't prepared to pay a little money to support the hardworking author, you don't get the read the books. That's just how it is.

If you purchased the book and wanna know what it all means - please continue to read below the cut.


[Click here for Summary]

Deep Purple 22

Friends #13 Summary

Translation Comment:

This translation is from the Japanese text. Unfortunately I don't actually know Japanese well at all! As a result while I have been able to understand the basic gist of each phrase, I have completely ZERO comprehension of its nuances. This translation is therefore 100% fraught with errors! Seriously! Tenses are wrong! Subtle implications are missing! Some bits are just completely different from the original! Please don't take it on a word-for-word basis, but rather use it merely as a summary of the story. Thanks! - Starry


Koshino and Hikoichi walk into the hospital corridor and overhear a nurse speaking with Sendoh's mother.

It's such a relief. I'm so glad he's okay,” says Sendoh's mother.

Yes, although there is something...” the nurse explains, “it may be temporary... but it seems some of his memories are unclear. There are many scans and tests we need to do. Please look over these documents. The details are all explained here...”

Behind their backs, Koshino gestures to Hikoichi and they sneak into Sendoh's hospital room.

They find Sendoh lying on his hospital bed. He is connected to a drip, his broken leg still strapped and elevated, and a bandage on his forehead. He cracks open an eye as they enter.

Nervously, Koshino asks, “Sendoh... do you... remember me?”

For a moment, Sendoh's face appears blank. Then he says “Koshino, I've made you worry. Hikoichi too. I'm so sorry...”

Tears of joy leak from Koshino's eyes. “Thank goodness!” he exclaims in relief.

Don't cry,” Sendoh reprimands him gently. “Koshino, you're being dramatic.”

Koshino sniffs and tries to hold it in. He fails.

I'm just so glad,” Koshino suddenly starts blubbing and rambling. “You're still the same Sendoh. The doctor said your memory was affected, and you've hurt your head...”

Hikoichi tried to comfort Koshino. “Hey,” he says, “it's great, now we can tell everyone he's okay.”

Sendoh frowns. “They told me that my little brother stayed here with me until morning. But... I told them I don't have a brother... do I?” he trails off confusedly.

What?” Koshino wipes his nose. “Oh, I know. Do they mean Rukawa?”

Rukawa?” Sendoh looks confused. “Oh – that's right. I... was going to meet him. Rukawa was going away...”

The memory of Haruko handing him the signed basketball pops into his mind. “Ah! That girl! Is she okay?”

Yes, don't worry,” Koshino replies. “She only fell down.”

Thank goodness,” Sendoh says. “But... Rukawa... I never got to see him after all...”

Oh, no, that's not...” Koshino begins, but Sendoh continues.

He... can't have been here. I don't know what to say, it's a bit embarrassing. I guess I really hurt my head.”

But Rukawa has come back!” Koshino finally reveals. “I was the one who found his American telephone number and called him back.”

Sendoh looks at him blankly. Koshino smiles.

Well, no.” He corrects himself. “Rather it was your accident that made him come back. Really, I didn't think he'd return like that. That guy... it's pretty amazing.”

For a moment, Sendoh recalls the tears that had fallen from Rukawa's eyes.

What's up?” Koshino asks. “Did you remember something?”

Sendoh looks confused. “I...” he hesitates. “Is this really okay?”

At that moment, the nurse appears in the room. “Hey, wait a moment, you,” she tells Koshino and Hikoichi. “Visits from friends are not allowed yet.”

Ah – sorry!” Koshino quickly apologises.

As he is leaving, Koshino addresses the nurse. “Um – the guy that was here until this morning isn't actually Sendoh's brother... er... yesterday I said so because of the situation and we were in such a rush. I guess it was a... misunderstanding.”

The nurse replies, “...eh?”

Koshino!” Sendoh calls out to him as he reaches the door, “Tell everyone that I'm okay.”

I will!”

And... tell that guy too.”

Koshino turns back at grins at him. “Got it!”

They leave.

The nurse comes forward to take Sendoh's arm. “I'm going to test your blood pressure. Is your arm all right?”

Yes...” Sendoh removes his arm from under the sheets only to find a crumpled piece of paper in his fist. In confusion he smooths it out and looks in amazement at what is written there. He again recalls Rukawa sitting by his bedside and thinks to himself with a contented smile... it wasn't a dream.


Outside the hospital, Haruko sees Rukawa and calls out to him.

I see,” she says, hearing the good news about Sendoh. “That's great. Rukawa-kun, but what are you going to do now?”

I'm going straight back to America,” Rukawa replies.

Huh? Already?” Haruko is surprised.

Rukawa's (handsome!) face is serious. “The doctor said there's no need to worry. His injuries will heal.” He turns to leave and gives a casual “well then.”

But Haruko isn't finished speaking yet. “Um...” she calls out again.

He turns back.

Rukawa-kun, you see, actually I...”


...I...” ...I really...

Misinterpreting her hesitation, Rukawa answers her by saying, “Sendoh is fine. He is the one who jumped of his own choice. You don't have to trouble yourself about it.”

Haruko drops her eyes and says, “oh, right.”

Rukawa's bus to 沢駅 Fujisawa Station arrives.

Well then...” Rukawa says again.

...yeah...” Haruko seems sad. Then she looks up and meets his eye. “Goodbye, Rukawa-kun.”

He notices the finality of her words, but doesn't comment. He boards the bus, and Haruko waves.

Honestly... she thinks. Rukawa-kun I loved you so much.


...this is really goodbye.


Eh? So Sendoh-san didn't know that Rukawa had come?” Haruko is walking along the hospital corridor with Koshino.

Well, you know Rukawa...” Koshino replies with a shrug. “And Sendoh is always joking around. Really it's hard to say.”

I guess so...” Haruko replies.

What those guys are thinking is anyone's guess.”


They turn the corner and see a group of three nurses gathered around the door to Sendoh's room.

Concerned, Koshino approaches them. “Excuse me...” he begins. “We are allowed to visit today, right?”

One of the nurses turns to them. “Oh, of course!”

A second nurse calls into the room, “Akira-kun~ <3 Your friends are here~!”

Koshino looks annoyed. Akira-kun?

Stepping through the door he says, “Sendoh- I have the notes from today's classes...” but trails off when he sees Sendoh reclining casually while two more nurses are attending his bandages

Ah, sorry about all this,” Sendoh says with a wave.

Stop moving Akira-kun~ <3” says one of the nurses as she fixes the bandage on his forehead.

Koshino sweatdrops “.....”

A fifth nurse enters the room behind them, “Akira~kun~, time to check your temperature~”

Eh?” says Sendoh, “but it was done just a little while ago.”

Oh my,” says the nurse “Is that so?”

Akira~kun~” another adds, “I will check your blood pressure and pulse.”

Oh, about that... didn't you do it five times already today...?”

Haruko innocently comments that they seem a little busy.

Koshino says nothing “.....”

Almost unnoticed on the bedside table is a crumpled piece of paper. A closer look reveals a small door key taped underneath a scrawled address, telephone number, and a roughly-drawn map of a neighbourhood in America.

And the little arrow at the bottom of the page says... TO BE CONTINUED!

Please support Prin by purchasing a copy of the doujinshi from her international order website: http://prhythm.cart.fc2.com/userpage?id=72908

Payments are through paypal, the purchases are cheap, the parcel is small and discrete and labelled as “books” so you have ZERO EXCUSES not the support the doujinshika. Plus the pictures are as always BEAUTIFUL (Rukawa-kun~<3) and well worth it.

Please do not share this translation (because if Prin refuses to sell to me in the future I will be sooooo pissed off!)。You can direct your interested friends to this post.

All the best, looking forward to the next instalment!


Starry x

Writing about WW2

I've been working on a story based on a request by Loveless Raine. She asked for a SD senru fic based in the WW2 era. The topic really got me thinking.

Firstly, I was a little reluctant. I feel, quite strongly, that that period of history was a tragedy beyond reckoning. Millions of innocent people died, millions of heros gave up their lives for freedom. It's not fantasy or empty rhetoric or exaggeration. It's real. It happened. I can barely get my head around it.

I was concerned, I suppose, that to write a story about it was to make it "unreal". I would be tampering with a past that should never be forgotten, and should be treated with utmost respect. Worse, it would be a "fic"! Fanfiction is a primarily frivalous pasttime. We take our characters (who are ultimately cheerful boys created to run freely chasing a basketball in the Kanagawa sunshine) and thrust them into alternative situations. I almost felt it was insulting to the memories of WW2 victims to combine the two.

So I thought about it some more.

One of my favourite books of all time is Birdsong by Sebastian Faulkes. It is a work of fiction set in France during WW1. I remember the experience of reading it. The book helped me really understand something of the horrors of the Battle of the Somme. But I read it all in a sort of supefied astonishment, with my emotions 'safe' behind the wall of 'fiction'. However terrible it was, the blood and the battles and the horrors, it was a story that I could close, put down, and do something else for a while. It remained distant, unreal. It was only at the end, where connections began to be drawn between the 'story' of the book and the 'reality' of our present, that I could only continue reading in tears. Suddenly it wasn't fiction. It was the experience of millions of brave people - some of whom still live in our communities today. It was a dawn of comprehension that I will never forget.

For my own story I began to feel that if I could manage to focus on the characters, and brush up against the terrible reality of the past in a way that would make it both respected and accessible, then perhaps it could be justified. Surely, touching our reality and our perception of it is the whole point of story writing/reading - even the most fantastical kind.

But I have never read a 'fanfiction' based in wartime that I liked (and I have read a few). Too often the writers lean on the historical context to provide drama and feeling - relying on the reader's prior knowledge of events to amplify the character's situations. I feel quite strongly that it ought to be the other way around. That the characters come first, and through their tales the story may begin to shine light on the realities. I have done my upmost to keep that in mind while writing.

With some of my misgivings thus laid aside, I was ready to start thinking and researching.

Being born and brought up in the UK, my knowledge of the world wars has always been what happened in the European theatre (even though my Grandfather was actually fought in British Burma against the Japanese! I put my limited knowledge down to my inferior schooling!) Apart from the famous Pearl Harbour, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I actually know very little of what was happening in Asia.

I have now lived in Hong Kong for many years and have noticed that anti-Japanese sentiment remains very strong among some individuals. I have heard statments from several of my (mostly middle-aged) collegues along the lines of "I don't like the Japanese", "my husband hates the Japanese" and "I would never go to Japan." But I never really understood where this vitirol was coming from.

So I decided I would take this opportunity to find out. I read widely about Japanese occupation and war crimes, specifically in the Canton/Hong Kong region. The attrocities I read seemed light years away from my personal experiences with Japanese people (who are overwhemlingly polite and kind). I knew I was reading history as painted all with one brush. I knew that reality was far more complex than simple accounts of the past often led you to believe. It was impossible that all Japanese people would condone that things that happened in China. So I realised right then what I wanted to write about. I wanted to write about the Japanese objectors to the war. The people who stood up and said "no, this isn't right." It didn't even occur to me to ask whether such people existed. I *knew* they did.

That's how I found out about the Soka Gakkai Buddhists, and Makiguchi Tsunesaburo who would ultimately die in prison for his refusal to support the war.

I also wanted to show the plight of a Japanese soldier who faced the terrible attrocities head on. I wanted to show the conflict between the desire to do his job (as a soldier) and his sympathetic consciousness (as a human) when faced with such terrible sights.

Thus, the story came into being.

The historical context is as true as I could make it. The occupation of Canton, Major General Sato and his research, Unit 6804, Rakan-ji, the fire at the temple, and of course Makiguchi Tsunesaburo are all real. They all existed. The only part, apart from the other characters of course, where I have written imaginatively is Makiguchi's arrest and his presence at Rakan-Ji during that time. (Note: Rakan-Ji burnt down in 1943, though it was unrelated to the war).

If you are interested in reading the story I am in the process of uploading it to fanfiction.net. I hope you enjoy it :)

Code Geass (!!!)

Wow!  Just finished watching R2 of Code Geass.  MY GOD I CRIED BUCKETS.  The final episode is AMAZING. 

The whole anime began to drag for me in the middle, but this totally made up for everything.  It was like - you kind of knew what he was going for - but you couldn't help doubting him too.  Honestly - it was MASTERFUL.

Once I'm done with Boy's Paradise, I'm giving serious thought to writing some Lelouch X Suzaku.  i LOVE this couple.

I can't stop using CAPITALS when referring to this ANIME xD

(PS Don't read the manga, its not the same and it kind of sucks)


[fic]Boy's Paradise - Prologue

Yeah I'm back on with the Senru.

New multi-chapter from me ^.^  Now that R+J is pretty much finished I needed a new project.  One shots are fine but they're not really good practise for me.  I want to continue writing novel-length so I'm gonna run with this new one for a while :)

Its another rehash of a fic I started a long time ago.  Originally I intended to continue with the fic "Unsimple" once I'd got R+J done.  However, looking back over the old drafts I found that the themes and general storyline was just too shockingly close to what I'd already explored in R+J (Rukawa and Sendoh's characters are practically identical in the two fics - it was effectively the same stuff rehashed into a different world - fantasy instead of crime.  Ugh!  Even the dark Vs light theme was the same - boo!)

So instead I got thinking about a less developed plot I came up with at the time as the other two - Boy's Paradise where Rukawa is basically working as a erotic dancer (gosh!) at a gay nightclub.  Sounds a bit far fetched but I hope I can pull it off.  I'm looking forward to writing a stronger Sendoh and a weaker Rukawa.  I'm also trying to write in a simpler and less wordy style.  Hope I can pull it off :)

Just can't get myself away from the angst though hahaha.  Will I ever write comedy?

Doubt it.

Just read the prologue at ff.net:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6839851/1/Boys_Paradise

[fic]But I Love You...

 Oh GOD I wrote a Ruhanaru.

I MUST be losing my mind.

Just a bit of quick practise in writing in a less boggy-wordy style <.<  No description here.  Nuh uh.  Dialogue all the way, baby!

(One day I will write something that isn't for Slamdunk.  But not today.  At least it isn't Senru.  Don't look a gift-horse in the mouth.)

Read it at fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6816617/1/But_I_Love_You

Or continue below the cut:


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Mindless ranting #1

/rant on
I am SICK of reading people's FIRST DRAFTS.   Do you seriously expect me to put time and effort into critiquing your work when you obviously haven't BOTHERED to even read it over yourself?  I know you haven't because you've spelt your main character's name wrong and haven't capitalised you "I"s you dumbnut. 

I spend days, MONTHS, tweeking my fics to perfection before I ask anyone to burn their eyes out looking over it for me.  It PISSES ME OFF when people think that a beta reader is some kind of magic wand tool for making a completely shit piece of fiction magically good.

Its just a waste of my time!  EUGH!  It makes me so crazy!
/rant off

Queer As Folk

Recently got into "Queer As Folk" - I simply can't believe that I actually missed this the first time round >.<

Anyway, I want to put down some thoughts because I see a lot of UK Vs USA versions going around with all sorts of differing opinions and it drives me nuts.
But before I start on my personal thoughts, let me lay out the basic situation for you:

The "original" Queer as Folk was a UK TV series.  It ran for one season and two episodes and then got axed by the broadcaster.  The story is set in the city of Manchester (which is in Northern England).
Later, another team picked up the series and decided to remake it for American television.  The renamed the characters and moved the entire setting over to the USA.  For the first season they followed the basic story line of the UK series that they were basing it off, but since the American version continued on for a total of 5 seasons, seasons 2-5 were all new content written by the new team.

Now personally I watched the UK version first, naturally ^.-  For the record, I am British myself (I'm from London), although I've been living in Hong Kong for the past 2.5 years :)  I loved it.  Totally.  So much so that I was reluctant to watch the USA version because I thought they would spoil it xD  Curiosity won out and I must admit I cringed my way through the first season, but fell into epic addiction during the second season.

But here's what I think : the USA and UK series are SO different there's no way in hell one could possibly compare them.
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[fic] - School Days : After Class

School Days: After Class

Fandom: Slamdunk
Author: Star
Pairing: Sendoh X Rukawa
Rating: T
Status: One shot, complete
Synopsis:  Is it just me or is it hot in here? Like… really, really hot?  This is written for Kaede's birthday – 1st Jan 2011! It's kind of a continuation of School Days: Registration but actually it's a lot different. Less dark anyway. So – enjoy!
Warnings: Kaede is so OOC it makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil.

Read it at ff.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6611506/1/School_Days_After_Class

And you can read the prequel there too: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5801081/1/School_Days_Registration

Or continue to read it below the cut:

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