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Friends #14 Epilogue - Summary (part 1)

Hi all!
It's been a while. Life is so busy :( I've just finished moving house, and now I already need to start to tour kindergartens for my baby boy's application in September - it's nuts! Really have so little time to do anything except the basics of life right now :( I promised a summary for Friends #14 and despite my good intentions I am only half done. I've been sitting on the file for a few months and I know some people are waiting on tenterhooks to find out what happens so I've decided to release what I've done so far, and come back to finish it (hopefully) soon.

As usual, this summary comes with the disclaimer that my knowledge of Japanese is LOL at best. Most of this is a VERY LOOSE interpretation of the text. The basic gist should be accurate, but the details etc are by no means 100%.

Again, I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to order your own copy of Prin's doujinishi from her website and/or follow her on Twitter for updates. I won't be uploading any pictures from the doujinshi because I want to support the artist and encourage you to purchase from her directly. This summary is available since the doujins are only available in Japanese and Chinese, and I know not everyone is able to read them. To reiterate: I highly recommend purchasing the books - they are cheap, easy to order, and come discretely wrapped. Plus the picture of Rukawa's "anguished face" on page x is SIMPLY PERFECT.

Without further ado - Friends #14 Epilogue Part 1/2

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Friends #14

The story starts with a scene we've seen before. Rukawa, in his university dorm room in America, picks up the phone.

“Rukawa?” the voice comes through the line. “It's Koshino from Ryonan. Do you know who I am?”

Rukawa tries to remember all the players on the Ryonan team but doesn't really know which one is Koshino. “Uhm...”

Then, Rukawa hears something surprising. “...huh?”

Koshino repeats himself, “Sendoh has disappeared! He's using a crutch so I think he can't have gone far. If he contacts you, please let me or the other team members know. Also, he's wearing a cast ???”

A bemused and confused Rukawa hears a noise behind him. With the phone still in his hand he turns and sees the door open and who should be strolling in but... Sendoh Akira.

Rukawa's mouth drops. Sendoh raises a hand in greeting “Yo!”

Through the phone, Koshino's disembodied voice still wafts, “Rukawa! Rukawa? Hey, Rukawa! Can you hear me?”

“Sendoh is... here...” Rukawa mumbles vaguely.


“Oh, is it for me?” Sendoh steps over and Rukawa hands him the phone.

“Your teammates,” Rukawa explains weakly.

“Moshi moshi~” Sendoh speaks into the handset casually.

“Are you serious!?” Koshino's loud voice blasts him in the ear. “Never, EVER, go off without telling anyone again! You were suddenly gone – everyone is worrying about you!”

“Sorry~ sorry~ When I get back I'll try to explain what I was thinking...”


“I'll be coming back next week...” Sendoh explains, “It'll be fine. Don't worry.”

“You’re so unreasonable! If your leg doesn't heal properly how are you going to survive!?”

“You're exaggerating Koshino. Anyway, this telephone bill is going to be huge so we'd better hang up now. Give everyone my best!”

“OI! Sendoh-!”

Rukawa gives Sendoh a look. “Everything is the same as usual, then.”

Sendoh laughs sheepishly. “Really? There's no way I expected to hear Koshino's voice as soon as I arrived here! I know he's noisy, but he's a good guy really.”

“I dislike that grinning face of yours.”

“Haha, your face is also the same as usual.” Sendoh pinches Rukawa's cheek. “Now we finally meet again after such a long time, so you should make a happy face.”

Rukawa swats Sendoh’s hand away.

“You came to visit me but you didn’t leave your contact phone number,” Sendoh points out. “After coming from the airport and everything.” He holds up the little key. “I wanted to use this... as soon as possible.”

Sendoh's look is sincere. “Thank you.”


Suddenly Rukawa moves forward and rests his head on Sendoh's shoulder.

“I wanted to be with you,” he says softly.

Sendoh smiles and cups Rukawa's cheek. “I wanted to be with you too.”

Gently, they kiss.


Later, on the palm-lined streets of California, they take a stroll together.

“The person who hit me with their car,” Sendoh is explaining, “came to visit me. I told them about how I had been on my way to give you your going away gift, so they offered to pay all the travel expenses for me to come and see you.”


“It’s lucky I got hit by such a rich person!”

Rukawa is silent. They continue walking.

“By the way…” Sendoh wonders aloud. “That day I had the accident, you came back from America. I am just wondering… how did you have enough money for it?”

“Borrowed it.” Rukawa replies shortly. “Do you remember that Sawakita guy?”

“Yeah,” Sendoh replies. “The one we met in the park.”

Rukawa mentally recalls how he called up Sawakita.

“Can you come to LAX right now?”

“Huh?” Sawakita replies. “I can but what's going on?”

“I want to go back to Japan. Lend me some money.”


Rukawa continues to explain. “I don't remember all the details. In any case, he came to the airport and lent it to me.”

Sendoh is rather bemused. “Wow. What a nice guy.”

They arrive at Sendoh's hotel room and Sendoh goes to the window overlooking the ocean and looks out with Rukawa beside him.

“The ocean looks so beautiful,” Sendoh comments. “I want to go and jump in..! Although, I guess I'd better just look this time.” He smiles. “Although the ocean in Shonan is similar, this place feels better. It's more spacious.”

“Yeah,” Rukawa agrees, also considering the view.

Sendoh sits himself down on the bed.

Rukawa turns to him. “Do you want to go sightseeing?”

“No, that's okay,” Sendoh replies. “This time the reason I came was just to see you...” his crutch is propped against the bed beside him. “...besides I shouldn't do too much walking.”

Rukawa sits casually beside him. “Your injury...” he begins. “...will it heal as well as before?”

“Yeah...” Sendoh answers, “although... I will need to do some rehabilitation, and to get back to normal will take about a year.”

Rukawa's eyes are sharp. “...one year.”

Sendoh smiles. “Just like you said before. This will close that one year gap between us. It's worked out just right.”

Rukawa's face turns dangerously stony. “That’s not funny.”

Sendoh leans back on his hands and laughs, oblivious to Rukawa's mood. “Hahaha, I guess this means I'm no use to you any more.”

Rukawa remains silent, and Sendoh realises he may have crossed a line. “Oh, come on, I didn't mean it!”

Sendoh looks closer and the expression on Rukawa's face is one of real anguish.

“I'm sorry...” Sendoh says rapidly, reaching out and squeezing Rukawa's cheeks with his hand and turning his face so they are nose to nose, “...don't make such a scary face.”

He leans forward so they can kiss. “I was wrong. You don't need to worry.” He pushes Rukawa back against the bed and follows him, covering him with his body.

“Hey,” Rukawa complains. “Don't be so reckless...”

“What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,” Sendoh replies. [note: Sendoh actually says “Even if you are hurt, as long as you can get through it, everything will be okay.”]


Some time later the two boys are dozing unclothed in bed together. Sendoh is awake, watching Rukawa's sleeping face. Finally Rukawa stirs and opens his eyes.

“What?” he asked, seeing Sendoh looking at him.

Sendoh smiles. “Seeing your face next to me in the morning... it's nice.”

“Yeah...” Rukawa agrees. “..someday it will be just like this.” He looks away. His expression is serious and thoughtful. “But right now, it's meaningless. We can meet at any time. You worry too much about us being apart. But to really be together is something we still have to become. That is simply the situation.”


That's all for now. Please await Part 2 of this summary for the final resolution to this magnificent story!

All the best,

(PS Yes, I know Dawn isn't finished. So sorry, so sorry...)


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Jun. 10th, 2016 01:24 am (UTC)
Wonderful episode!!
Thank you very much for the translation!!
Sendo and Rukawa make such a nice couple... I hope the future allows them to be together...

Today is your birthday? Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! @_@

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