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9 June 1986
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Free to a loving home.

I'm a fanfiction writer looking to get into original fiction (eventually...). I'd love to get published as a novelist :D (maybe wishful thinking... who knows... I'm working on it anyway...). Teaching English to the children of Hong Kong is my day job. I love it :)

Beta reading is my online "occupation". I do it to improve myself as a writer. I love to analyse what makes any piece of fiction good or bad. I love to pull apart the characterisation, form and plot to find out what makes it tick or what makes it flop.
I only work with writers who are serious about improving and are capable of looking objectively at own work (and aren't going to go and cry into their pillows when I tell them I think they've got it all wrong). If you're interested in acquiring my services, send me a message!

I fully support homosexual/bisexual/transgender representation in fiction! I dig the slash-yaoi fanfiction scene too - I grew up there :D

(You know really the truth is I'm just here to collect porn... I mean er... doujinshi ><")