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[fic]Boy's Paradise - Prologue

Yeah I'm back on with the Senru.

New multi-chapter from me ^.^  Now that R+J is pretty much finished I needed a new project.  One shots are fine but they're not really good practise for me.  I want to continue writing novel-length so I'm gonna run with this new one for a while :)

Its another rehash of a fic I started a long time ago.  Originally I intended to continue with the fic "Unsimple" once I'd got R+J done.  However, looking back over the old drafts I found that the themes and general storyline was just too shockingly close to what I'd already explored in R+J (Rukawa and Sendoh's characters are practically identical in the two fics - it was effectively the same stuff rehashed into a different world - fantasy instead of crime.  Ugh!  Even the dark Vs light theme was the same - boo!)

So instead I got thinking about a less developed plot I came up with at the time as the other two - Boy's Paradise where Rukawa is basically working as a erotic dancer (gosh!) at a gay nightclub.  Sounds a bit far fetched but I hope I can pull it off.  I'm looking forward to writing a stronger Sendoh and a weaker Rukawa.  I'm also trying to write in a simpler and less wordy style.  Hope I can pull it off :)

Just can't get myself away from the angst though hahaha.  Will I ever write comedy?

Doubt it.

Just read the prologue at ff.net:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6839851/1/Boys_Paradise