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Code Geass (!!!)

Wow!  Just finished watching R2 of Code Geass.  MY GOD I CRIED BUCKETS.  The final episode is AMAZING. 

The whole anime began to drag for me in the middle, but this totally made up for everything.  It was like - you kind of knew what he was going for - but you couldn't help doubting him too.  Honestly - it was MASTERFUL.

Once I'm done with Boy's Paradise, I'm giving serious thought to writing some Lelouch X Suzaku.  i LOVE this couple.

I can't stop using CAPITALS when referring to this ANIME xD

(PS Don't read the manga, its not the same and it kind of sucks)



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Apr. 25th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
Staaaary <3 Can you email me your snail mail address? pastles at livejournal dot com!!!
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