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Mindless ranting #1

/rant on
I am SO SICK of reading people's FIRST DRAFTS.   Do you seriously expect me to put time and effort into critiquing your work when you obviously haven't BOTHERED to even read it over yourself?  I know you haven't because you've spelt your main character's name wrong and haven't capitalised your "I"s you numbnut.

I spend days, MONTHS, tweeking my fics to perfection before I ask anyone to burn their eyes out looking over it for me.  It PISSES ME OFF when people think that a beta reader is some kind of magic wand tool for making a completely shit piece of fiction magically good.

Its just a waste of my time!  EUGH!  It makes me so crazy!
/rant off

Tl;dr For best results, please make your work the very best you possibly can BEFORE you share it with your BETA reader, thank you!

Queer As Folk

Recently got into "Queer As Folk" - I simply can't believe that I actually missed this the first time round >.<

Anyway, I want to put down some thoughts because I see a lot of UK Vs USA versions going around with all sorts of differing opinions and it drives me nuts.
But before I start on my personal thoughts, let me lay out the basic situation for you:

The "original" Queer as Folk was a UK TV series.  It ran for one season and two episodes and then got axed by the broadcaster.  The story is set in the city of Manchester (which is in Northern England).
Later, another team picked up the series and decided to remake it for American television.  The renamed the characters and moved the entire setting over to the USA.  For the first season they followed the basic story line of the UK series that they were basing it off, but since the American version continued on for a total of 5 seasons, seasons 2-5 were all new content written by the new team.

Now personally I watched the UK version first, naturally ^.-  For the record, I am British myself (I'm from London), although I've been living in Hong Kong for the past 2.5 years :)  I loved it.  Totally.  So much so that I was reluctant to watch the USA version because I thought they would spoil it xD  Curiosity won out and I must admit I cringed my way through the first season, but fell into epic addiction during the second season.

But here's what I think : the USA and UK series are SO different there's no way in hell one could possibly compare them.
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[fic] - School Days : After Class

School Days: After Class

Fandom: Slamdunk
Author: Star
Pairing: Sendoh X Rukawa
Rating: T
Status: One shot, complete
Synopsis:  Is it just me or is it hot in here? Like… really, really hot?  This is written for Kaede's birthday – 1st Jan 2011! It's kind of a continuation of School Days: Registration but actually it's a lot different. Less dark anyway. So – enjoy!
Warnings: Kaede is so OOC it makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a pencil.

Read it at ff.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6611506/1/School_Days_After_Class

And you can read the prequel there too: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5801081/1/School_Days_Registration

Or continue to read it below the cut:

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Christmas 2010

Ugh its Kaede's birthday tomorrow and I haven't written anything -.-"
Planning to rush out some fluff because the world really needs more fluff and I always write heavy romance/angst stuff -.-"  So yes, more on the fluff practise, okay!

I hosted the Christmas party again this year - although we actually had it on boxing day :)  Nine people to feed!  Considering I don't even have a stove (just a small microwave/oven 2-in-1 thing, and a da bin lo (hotpot) machine) I think it went okay.  The turkey arrived cooked but chilled the day before, although it came with only one TINY pot of gravy and only HALF the amount of stuffed that I'd ordered.  I called up the shop and told them they hadn't sent enough stuffing, and they said I should go in to get a refund.  Unlucky the shop is in Central so it'll be quite a pain to go in all the way from here :(  Will probably go after work some time.
Well I spent the morning boiled various things one at a time on the da bin lo machine xD  Three rounds of potatoes (they didn't all fit in one go!  I love my potatoes :D), mushrooms, carrots, brussel sprouts.  I then roasted most of the potatoes - my first time roasting potatoes turned out decent :D just like my mum used to make on Sundays :)
When it came time to cook the turkey (not really cook, just a reheat actually, but still took an hour in the oven) - lo and behold it didn't fit inside.  Something right out of Mr Bean, right?  Removed the thighs but the top of the breast was still poking high enough to touch the heating elements at the top.  So we set about with the chopper to remove the top-most meat (consumed xD) and then HACK away at the point of the breast bone -.-"  Seriously there was little bone chips flying everywhere -.-"  Anyway we really sucked at it, but eventually the turkey did fit inside the machine - phew!
Of course the next problem was that when it was finally time to eat it was nothing short of a nightmare to make everything simultaneously hot -.-"  So for the most part we had a cold and dry Christmas dinner despite all my best efforts :(  There's only so much you can do with a tiny oven and one induction cooker after all >.<

Our Chinese friends were bemused by one thing after another!  It was the Yorkshire Puddings that got them first.  They all took one, probably out of politeness, but then just left them on the side of their plates while they ate everything else as if not really knowing what to do with them xD  They then tried a variety of ways to make it seem palatable, for instance by loading up the centre with food and eating it like some kind of sandwich (hands and all!) 
They were also slightly mystified by the stuffing, which we explained was kind of meant to be inside the turkey to add flavour but actually wasn't any more cos... well... we just liked it as it was.  A couple of our friends had come along to the party last year and had former experience with the mysterious phenomena of "stuffing", so they immediately loaded their plates with it and the others followed their example, and it was really really yummy! 
Finally they were confused (like.. really confused) by the new potatoes.  Apparently the fact that they were "intact" - i.e. had skin on and hadn't been cut open, made them look disconcertingly like tiny, raw potatoes.  This was probably compounded by the fact that by this time they were pretty much stone cold xD  Anyway, I truly think they thought these little potatoes hadn't actually been cooked -.-  I was encouraging them to put butter on them (something else apparently weird xD)  Anyway yeah, I guess it was quite an experience for them xD

Afterwards I set about teaching everyone the game of charades!  Something that not even I have much experience with because my family were never into games and such ._.  Anyway I knew the basic rules and imparted them to everyone.  I felt like I was back at work with my little class of 8 xD  I had to explain quite simply because not everyone present had a particularly firm grasp of English xD Anyway...
We divided into two teams (boys and girls!) and I got each team to write out 6 different suggestions on paper scraps which could be either a song, a book or a film.  We decided that all suggestions had to be "international" (i.e. well known in HK) and in English :P  The boys took simply AGES to think of stuff, I have no idea what they were doing >.>
That done I ran through some typical charades conventions with them (the signs for book/film/song, how many words, which word/how many syllables and "sounds like" gesture) then we were ready to begin!
So naturally I took the lead and went first, miming out the boy's suggestion of "Spiderman" - which was simple but embarrassing. 
Next Ronald revealed his UNSTOPPABLE CHARADES AWESOMENESS (I kid you not) by successfully miming out "Those Were the Days" using "Toes" "Wear" and "Days".  I am still absolutely gob-smacked at how his team managed to get it xD  Later he also managed "Romeo and Juliet" by miming "Roll Me Oh" :o  /awestruck.
Aunty Catherine failed horribly at "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by attempting to use "sounds like: walk" for "wanna" (huh!? Walk just doesn't sound like wanna I'm sorry, but it doesn't!) and pointing at Vivian and I for "miss".  Naturally we had no idea what she was talking about.  "Girl!" "Young!" "Daughter!" "Teacher!" "Student!"  "School!"  "What the F***!?"  Epic fail.
The most hilarious charades effort has to go to Johnney however, who had to mime "Harry Potter".  First he was miming running for "hurry", then some kind of exploding pot thing (I was laughing too much at this point to make sense of what he was doing).  Eventually he dived into the bathroom and came out riding the TOILET BRUSH like a broomstick.  Brilliant but quite horrible.
After that mayhem we played some Raving Rabbids on the Wii, and then moved on to our staple game which we take very seriously at all our parties - PICTIONARY.  (Of course we had already completed our rounds of Mahjong earlier in the afternoon - I ended $60 down - doh!)

We then helped ourselves to the (omg so delicious) ice cream cake from Haagan Dahz - Cookies and Cream flavour - omg - it was DIVINE.  It cost as much as the entire turkey but was omg so much better <3 <3  And there were also mince pies and brandy butter, Cadbury's Eclairs and Mr. Kiplings Festive Bakewells which I found by chance and at an extortionate price in 3Sixty.  Mediocre dinner followed by the greatest games and desserts ever :D
Gift giving followed, even Momo got something :) and in the end it was a happy day :)

Unfortunately Ronald and I spent the next 4 days eating nothing but leftover turkey -.-  The remaining potatoes and stuffing and vegetables ran out after two days, so the rest of the time it was literally JUST a plate of reheated, dry turkey, and usually the bits that no one else wants to eat (you know, meat shaved off the spine and from around the bum and that sort of thing -.-)
We went out to eat something else finally for the first time last night - hooray!  Popped over to Tai Hing, ordered our usual volume of food (one meat dish, one vegetable dish and one steamed fish, two bowls of white rice).  Discovered that days of picking at miserable turkey had somehow shrunk our stomachs because food we'd usually have been able to finish entirely filled us up really quick xD  Christmas - good for losing weight?  Hahaha.

Overall - good times :D  Tonight is New Years, so happy 2011 everyone!  It can't suck more than 2010 did :D

A Romeo and Juliet Story - Chapter 11

 Title: A Romeo and Juliet Story
Fandom: Slamdunk
Pairing: Senru
Chapter: 11 / 12 + epilogue

"You and I are the same" he said, his voice steady yet crushingly sad. "Both cursed to make a choice between the two things we cannot live without."

Read it at ff.net:

Deep Purple - Wallpapers

Ended up reading Prin's Deep Purple all afternoon.

For like.. the millionth time.  Seriously.  No - seriously.

Anyway, made a wallpaper since there's so very little going on in the Slamdunk fandom, let alone the senru fandom, right now.  Ended with a few versions of the same thing.  They're mainly for my personal use but I figured I might as well share them in case someone was looking for something similar.  And I'm not even going to PRETEND that they're any good.  They're amateurish and nasty.  But oh well.

Gosh I'm such a sap.


Senru Wallpaper

The Trials of Saturday Morning

So yesterday after work, LT called me up and told me that I wouldn't have to go in to English Activity Club at my Tin Shui Wai kindergarten this week because it was off.  Pleasant surprise!  I really ought to check my timetable more and confirm the dates so I don't actually go in at the wrong time XD.
Anyway they asked if they could put me down for supply teaching instead and I (foolishly) said "yes" because I'm a total pushover like that.

Anyway, thinking I wouldn't have to work we went out for karaoke buffet yesterday night :D  Lots of fun.  Lost voice.

Lo and behold I get a call at 7am this morning asking if I could do supply at (and I quote) "the primary school you taught at before". 
"In Yuen Long?" I ask. 
"Yes" she says.
"No" I said.
"Please?" she said.
And to cut a long story short, off I went.

Its only a short walk to the other side of the station and I got there at about twenty to nine.  Went to reception and they told me to go to the 4th floor.  Walked up all the stairs.  Some nice janitor greeted me at the top of the stairs and opened up a classroom for me.  I put on the fans, lights, sat down and drafted out some sad excuses for lesson plans until I got another call at about 3 minutes to 9.

"Do you remember how to get to the school?" she asks.
 "Yes" I say, "I'm already here, on the fourth floor."
"Oh really?" she says "me too."
"I'm in the classroom" I say, and tootle out into the corridor to look for her.
"I can't see you" she says.  And I can't see her either.
"You're at Leo Tung Hoi Primary School right?" she asks.

I freeze.

"Nooooooo" I say, "I'm in YUEN LONG.  Leo Tung Hoi school is in TIN SHUI WAI."
"What?" she says, confused, "what school are you at?"
"I'm at Chung Sing School in Yuen Long!"
"Get a taxi" she says "I'll pay."

I'm already gathering my stuff off the desk and stuffing it all into my bag, switching off lights and fans and literally running out of the room.

Wrong school!

Wrong TOWN!

I am lucky to hell that the taxi driver spoke good English xD  Neither of us knew how to drive to the school, and I like to think that we bonded a little as we drove lost and confused around TSW looking for it.  He kept asking me if it was "this one?"  Anyone who knows TSW will know there is a school on literally EVERY CORNER.

He says "don't worry, let's just go slowly." as we go around looking for it.
"But I'm late for class." I say, "It starts at 9."
He looks at his watch.  "It's 9:30 now" he says in confusion.
"Yeah" I say "NGOR ZI DOU."

When I told him I needed a receipt for the fare because my boss would pay me back, he "accidentally" added a $10 surcharge which he didn't charge me for, but which showed up on the receipt O.o  I tried to tell my boss that she didn't have to pay so much and that the driver had just made a mistake, but she wasn't paying me any attention and paid me the full amount anyway ^.^"
He was really really sweet anyway.  Nicest taxi driver I've ever met in Hong Kong :D


S (by Saki Aida) - "Yaoi Novel" - wtf?

Someone recommended this series of yaoi novels on one of the communities.
It is called "S" and is by Saki Aida.  Its a crime world, Yakuza-Detective thing.

S cover - volume 4

(hot linked this cover piccy right off the June website - go me!)

I've never read a yaoi novel before but I thought I'd check it out so I downloaded it from Nihonamaru.  Up to page 65 of book one.  I derno what to think.  Seriously.  I guess there's some impressive research gone into it, but really the writing overall is very poor.  The structure is dire and the scenarios are bland, and the past history of the character is so chronically clichéd I want to roll my eyes.  Not to mention that the characters are hopelessly inconsistent.  It reads like a second draft rather than a published novel.  I wasn't expecting to read William Faulkner or anything, but this shit really is doing my head in.
I hope to god that it was all lost in translation because if this is a good example of a yaoi novel, then the whole industry deserves to crash and burn.  I've read fanfictions ten times better than this.  What the hell?
You can't save shit writing with smut!


Brutally Honest

Anzai Sensei - telling it like it is:


Cracked me up. 

Yeah I got suckered into rereading Slamdunk >.<  Getting back into it in a horribly big way.  Still a shameless Rukawa fangirl >.< Just... can't... help... it..... always have to get up and run around the room in excitement when he does something awesome.  This is from chapter 258 during the Sannoh match.

A Romeo and Juliet Story - Chp 10

A Romeo and Juliet Story - Chp 10


Like a love poem in which words would have been entirely superfluous.